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Drawing & pondering deskside talk 🍉

Working on the box, on paper and digitally, while pondering ethno-fascist colonialism

Hi all. Full disclosure for the last bit of the most recent vid I talk about some of what’s going on in Gaza and my long not happy relationship with the state of Israel & Zionism. More on that here if you care for it [on tiktok].

Spoilers, I’m not ok with it? Never have been.

What happened 4 weeks ago was horrific, but NOT unexpected if you’ve been really paying attention, and it didn’t come out of nowhere.

It was also probably done to provoke the horribly asymmetric retaliation we’re seeing, measured in scale and brutality against what inspired past periods of gardening in the State of Israel’s ‘lawn’.

That’s why Bibi backed Hamas against the PLO not so secretly all these years, better that kind of mad extremism too fuel more hopeless lashing out and provide excuses to ‘mow the grass in Gaza’ again and again until they ‘crush them all’ or push them all out.

And I am, NOT, OK with ANY of it.

And I get some work done running up to that while listening to my beautiful cousin Sarah Sugarman’s music. This was a live stream over on YouTube, the once just before is work on the same page here, 13 days ago. Then I was working in clip studio for a bit over some quick thumbs, but going to be doing more and more on paper as I’ve learned my screen time is getting to be a problem for my eyes.

But In that previous session I talk a bit about my recent bout of burnout around using social media and making art outside of work [which is more wrote than creative]. Which is why you’ve not seen a post here for a bit.

A very intentional hiatus an semi official retirement from social media hustling.

Here’s the last page done of The Box

Hope this finds you well,
free the Palestinian people.


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