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A work and life blog, posts about my comics, talking about creative work, my day job as an animation designer, some instructional material from my 7 years as an art teacher, and whatever else strikes my ADHD / ASD / Aphantasic / Dyslexic / Anomic brain.

Who is this?

He/him/they, Salgood Sam is Max Douglas with two letters changed, for a bunch of reasons around the late 90s I started using a pen name, it amused me and it stuck. I’m a professional artist, making comics and illustrating. I’ve also painted murals, drawn portraits in the street, made bar signs and deigned sets for live action. Since my late teens I’ve been music and AV adjacent most of my life as well, snap photos, play with video and hosted and engineered a radio show for 6 years in the 90s, and like playing with sound still casually for fun.

My most recent published graphic novella is ‘Dracula: Son of the Dragon’, with Mark Sable published by Dark Horse. I’m possibly most well known for ‘Therefore, Repent!’ With Jim Munroe; and I’m most proud of my self published ‘Dream Life: a late coming of age, book one’ and ‘Revolver’ One and Zero. Here you can find listed all my published comics stories.

I currently work as a prop designer and supervisor at Sphere Animation in Montreal, my past clients and publishers include Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics & ComiXology, IDW & NMK, Marvel & DC, Paradox press, Mr Comics & Beckett Comics. The Criterion Collection, Bravo TV, Nokia, Fox Kids, Netflix, ABB robotics, Aurora Cannabis Inc, Nelvana Studios, TVA collage & Scholastic!

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The art and meanderings of Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas.


Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas has been making comics for 30+ yrs. He's also an illustrator, teacher and other things. He currently works in the toon mines as a prop designer and supervisor. All his links can found here! https://linktr.ee/salgoodsam