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So, I saw this on my Facebook feed a few weeks back, and I thought I'd join you over here so I could throw in my 2 cents.

Looking at your unlettered panels, my eye is naturally drawn down from panel 1 to panel 2, then over to the right. There does seem to be a lot about the composition of panel 1 that draws the eyes down and panel 2 is also a fraction larger than the panel above. I'm curious, are these conscious decisions you made as someone who's been doing this a long time and knows how it works, or are they unconscious decisions made by someone who knows what they're doing so it just comes naturally?

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Hi Dan! A bit of both really? in that I've studied, then had to reflect in order to teach, and read a lot on the subject to see what if anything I was missing out on, and then re internalized it all so I'm not really step by step thinking it all out super consciously, least not at the early stages, but ultimately its all intentional. Especially as it goes through the iterative process between thumbs and final page.

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