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FBDM//MCAF May 26-28!

FBDM//MCAF May 26-28!

I'll be sharing table C19 with Sequential Magazine #14!

Hey all, it’s been a bit, having updated since the new year. Wasn’t feeling it and not been super productive on personal things the last few months.

but it is festival season. Not having a new book I didn’t plan for much but i’m doing my favorite local comics festival, I’m tabling at the Montreal Comics Con in July, table 2023! That only just got locked down. But I booked my table for FBDM months ago! And it’s coming this month! AND, it’s FREE!

Dream Life book one, both issues of Revolver, Therefore, Repent & Dracula: Son of the Dragon will ALL be available at my table!

I’ll have my books and prints on hand, and of course doing portraits of folks who buy Dream Life, in it! If you got a copy some other time without one and I’m not too busy, feel free to bring that by and get it sighed and you drawn in it too.

Likewise any book of mine you have that’s not signed already, you can bring by for me to do that.

I’m not sure If I’ll be doing commissions otherwise, we’ll see how busy things are. If you are interested in buying some art from me let me know in advance and we can discuss what I might bring for you to check out.

A snapshot of the crowd I took in 2022, even on the damp Friday just after the rain cleared up! It was sunny the rest of the weekend!

FBDM/MCAF later this May will be our second on Saint-Denis street between Gilford and Roy. It was a hit last year, hopping the weather is good for it this one.

I’m also giving over a third of my table to Brendan who’s setting up a stand for the print editions of Sequential Magazine! The latest issue #14 will be on hand along with some of the back issues.

In name it’s a revival of the free magazine I published a few issues of back in the early 00s, now in it’s third year spotlighting independent Canadian comics creators! Amazing.

A specific festival map is Going up the 16th of May, my spot will on Saint-Denis , Between Rachel & Marie-Anne, In Tent C19! From May 26 to 28, participating in the annual FBDM, Montreal Comic Art Festival!

I knew my table neighbours last year but most of these are new to me I think!

That’s it for now. I’ve only been working on personal stuff a little bit after work since January, most of that you can catch peeks at over on Instagram, see you this summer and until next time, keep doodlin!


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