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Processpod 12: Happy Global Orbital Anniversary!

Processpod 12: Happy Global Orbital Anniversary!

Remembering Bill Paul saving my hide, forgetting to do things, and not a list of resolutions for the new year.

Opening bars again are composed by Sarah Shugarman, with a sample at the start of a Nagra IV-S starting up, and the extro music is Paradigm Shift by Gavin Luke.
Bill Paul in his Town Crier regalia.

Hi all, talked here about memories of Bill Paul saving my ass after a Burger Con at Ron Kasman’s house when we were swarmed near the boardwalk in the beached in the early 90s, as a segue to sharing the message sent to me on my birthday years later but over a decade and a half before now.

I was going to include it with one of my September episodes for my birthday but then second guessed myself given it was closing on the one year anniversary of his death. The message is lovely, of a few he left me for birthdays, but the only one I recorded.

And that’s a lead into talking about some likely AuDHD issues I have - not yet diagnosed officially, not sure if I will seek that but my current hunch comparing notes with others in the same boat keeps pointing me in that direction.

I mention PDA, but I don’t think I fall into giving into that very often. I recently recognized it’s there, but I’ve developed systems to compensate for that mostly.

It’s more memory issues I have the most trouble with. Not in small part because I mask so well and mostly use lots of tools to compensate so people don’t see my handicap in that dep, and then take it personally when I fail to compensate. Tying to get folks understand that’s not personal is definitely a big problem.

I set up some new web cameras, and been revisiting the idea I had near the start of the pandemic of creating some new instructional material for here and on YouTube, based on courses I taught and some I planed but never got a chance to mount at Syn Studio. I don’t really like teaching live on zoom, but the kind of instruction i can do via video needn’t be live. So keep an eye out for that and if you have requests, let me know!

I posted an illustration from The Ultimate Super-Villain and old file story I did for Ravage 2099 over on FB, more effective to look at it over there so just going to link to those. But given the subject matter of this post, thought it would be apropos to share these here. A pair of Illos done specifically for use with scientific papers!

The first was for Daniel Levitin, came out good. Got the job thanks to mutual who was working for him at the time. And the other for an Undergrad I think? They found me online and then canceled the job after it was finished.

Both were, difficult clients TBH. I dug the gigs but scientists don't have a lot of sense of the job protocols and limits for revisions I've found.

Worked out in the end but I'm definitely going to emphasize some of that more strongly if I negotiate another job in that sector. I have it all spelled out in the contracts I prepare for them.

This first set are the roughs and then final for Daniel Levitin. I think there were a bunch of other loose roughs but this was the one we went with. I wanted to use one colour but Daniel wanted to color code it like you see here in the final version.

And the second for the grad student, was a more bumpy ride. The theme was how much work it takes for parents [or adults for that mater] to get assessed for ASD and the very few actual supports there are available after as well. You can see it cycles through a few dramatic composition changes and then when I had completed the work they decided they didn’t want it! Had to remind them they still needed to pay for it. I kind feel like the first layout was the best one to go with but they didn’t want to be seen to be casting doctors as indifferent.

Ok, i think that’s it for now, see you all soon and don’t forget if you want to leave me an audio message, I have a virtual answering machine basically as part of my page, check it out here. And thanks for reading!
Cheers ~ Max


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