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Processpod 010: Deaths in the family, ExpozineXX, & the #tweetpocalypse!

Processpod 010: Deaths in the family, ExpozineXX, & the #tweetpocalypse!

My Grandmother died, and one of the creators of the show I'm working on, and maybe twitter soon?
Opening bars are composed by Sarah Shugarman, and the extro music is Paradigm Shift by Gavin Luke.

So sad news last weekend was that my Grandmother Libby was sick and it didn’t look good. She was 102, would have been 103 Jan 1st if she had made it. But I think she was not very happy about being kicking still, she’d applied and was rejected for maid a few years back. Didn’t like that she could feel her facilities slipping.

I’ll miss her, she’s the last of that generation of my family that i really knew at all, and really I never did as an adult as well as I’d like.

Also one of the shows I’m working on, Red Ketchup, one of the creators who created the comic passed away as well! Pierre Fournier had been suffering from Alzheimer's for a bit, and was hospitalized the last year. Not quite but almost 73.

Pierre Fournier as drawn by his collaborator and friend Réal Godbout.

I met him once I think, I recall a nice easy smile and some cool comix jam page contributions back when I hosted the jams.


It’s that time of year, and we’re back in the big hall at Église Saint-Arsène! 1025 Rue Bélanger, Montréal. NOV 19 - 20, 11 AM to 6 PM! Facebook page here for details, masks are recommended.

Meme was created in tweet form by Tristan Elwell.

I have been working on a new entry of A Bastards Tale, the fist page of which features Libby, and she comes into the story later on as well. Here’s the art from pg 1…

The chapter is mostly drawn, but I’m mulling over another page or two to give it a nicer denouement.

COMICS! Hey kids, it’s time for A Bastards Tale, Pt One.

As published in Revolver Zero.

And that’s all for now! Thanks for reading, see you this weekend maybe? Or catch you with the next post. Cheers


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