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Processpod 007 : Marking the passing of a Master, RIP Kim JungGi

Processpod 007 : Marking the passing of a Master, RIP Kim JungGi

I also talk about process, letting the marks tell me what to do next. Wish you all shana tova. And catch up on some of my own WIP from the desk.

RIP Kim JungGi. I heard about his passing late at night, and confirmed the bad news the next morning online.

Created an overdue gallery of his work here on Facebook as part of my FB teaching page. Wish I had more of his work in print!

There’s a lovely impromptu shrine to him at NYCC, posted a set of pics of the first day as it’s went from empty to covered!

I used to use this among other images in my classes to illustrate ideas about a free form take on curvilinear perspective…

Here’s links to his site, his section of the Superani site, and a playlist of interviews and process talks.

I babble a bit, the summery is I think he was a great teacher, and role model on many fronts. He demonstrated and also demystified how to be a better artist for us all.

In lighter news: Shanah tovah um'tukah, & Happy Thanks Giving!

Workblog Update: Wrapped art page 10 of book two of Dream Life. For now anyway, and started on page 12. 11 was done already… Here they are in sequence, what you think?

Can you tell PJ is about to tell a tall tale? there’s some dialog that sets this up but hoping the close on the hands there fidgeting helps when it’s all put together.

I mentioned setting up a new tower and making room to draw on paper again soon, once I get the printer behaving. Here’s the desk now!

The XP-Pen 22 can scoot back a bit more than that even, enough room for my usual 11x14 sheets of Bristol I like to work on.

I never meant to go ALL digital, just didn’t have the space set up to slap ink on paper as much lately. But this fixes that.

It maters because I want to keep to the style I established with part one of the Box.

The page I did all digitally - posted at the start of this entry - dosen’t quite do that so going to re ink it by hand using that version as my ‘pencils’ to bring it back to the same feel as these first pages. I give you The Box, Pt1. I plan to have Pt2 and it both in the first volume of Mind Engine in print.

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