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Processpod 2.0: How do you feel about AI art?

Processpod 2.0: How do you feel about AI art?

There's a lot of worry about AI art, but I think it's got a lot of potential too. Let's talk about that... and in this post a selection of some of my tests and first pro work in comics.

As usual you can also get this via Anchor here. I start this one talking about how my career evolved for the first 14 min before I segue into how I think about dealing with new tools and possible changes to come to the arts due to AI, and how I might even be able to use it in my own work to tell more stories in less time.

I mention Adam David's AI art experiments Re Alan Moore beside himself, you can find those here.

And I talk about MidJourney mainly, here's their community gallery showcase, and here's the discord server for the project. And you’ll find some of that early work I talk about bellow here.

Also mentioned Ivan's heart attack briefly, and the GoFundMe to help pay his bills, that's here.

In there I mention some of my early work, and was thinking recently of my early Sandman and Shade test pages, watching the new Netflix series. Thought I’d share some of that early stuff too here to illustrate this post.

Here’s the test pages I was doing for Karen and Stuart just before I got my first jobs for Marvel…

Those come from an issue Jill Thompson and Vince Lock did the line art for. The Shade the changing man pages I’m not sure, but I really liked the work done on those books, would have been cool to work on…

But I got a call from Mark to draw some Night Breed instead! Finishing an issue another artist had abandoned nine pages in…

…Those led to another full issue…

And that, led to Saint Sinner! I even got to design that books logo…

And at first was excited about the book, before the issues started to crop up with editorial oversight.

I’m going to include a few more, but your email version of this will be truncated so you’ll have to go to the site to see past that…

….that last one, is about when the job started jumping the shark for me. There were lots of little cuts, but after having cleared the location of the two page spread, the book was published with a two page X-Men ad, breaking this two page scene up and onto the page just before and after it. There was so much more wrong with the whole adventure, but I recall just throwing the comic in the air when I saw that.

I was always prepared to ‘be flexible’ but not to the point that undermined the work to that absurd extent. LoL. Anyway, there’s the bonus content for this post done! Hope you found it and the podcast interesting, let me know in the comments here, or leave me a voice message over on Anchor here!


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