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Processpod 008: Getting back to ink on paper, PC problems, and Passage

Processpod 008: Getting back to ink on paper, PC problems, and Passage

This Processpod, I revel in the joy of spilling ink on Bristol again after a two year hiatus, figuratively speaking that is...

Opening sounds: A sample of a Nagra IV-S starting up, and some beautiful bars played by my cousin Sarah Shugarman!

I was aiming to post this on the weekend but drawing took priority so wrapping it up after work today. 

I talk about this work, pages 9 and 10 for The Box! An adaptation of The Tinder Box.

I posted the first 8 pages here in my last post, and have talked about this work before.

I’d done this version of the first page of the second act digitally, as I've mentioned before I've been doing a lot of digital stuff because my desk was kind of occupied by computer equipment and I was doing a lot of digital drawing.

But for this story, I'd done the first part on paper and without tones to keep it simple, and it was just looking like a dramatic shift in style to do it digitally now. 

I loved the page but didn't like how it sat with the others!

I was debating this when my new, not quite perfect yet Tower made room more negotiable on the drafting table, letting me get back to working on the desktop again!

So I used the digital version to make bluelines, and started inking those. Soon as I had started I realized how badly I've missed the tactile and simple immediacy of working with paper and analog tools. 

I live streamed some of it, you can catch those here!

Ok, that’s it for this one! Hope you’re having an inspiring week, I’ll be back in a couple probably when I have some more work to share and any relevant thoughts.

Don’t forget to go say high and leave a message over on Anchor here, and thanks for following my journey through process!


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